Educational Opportunities for Adults



A Course in Miracles - The class meets each Wednesday at 4:00 PM in the Church Library.  Drop-ins are always welcome and you do not have to commit to coming every week to participate.  For more information, please contact Ann Fiery at

Women’s Bible Study with Mary Parsons, M.D. - This is a study open to all women. Mary Parsons, MD leads the discussion each week.  All are welcome. Hope to see you then.  Please invite others as you can.  For more info, please contact Mary at

"Beer & BS" (in the Vestry Room) - A weekly study of comparative religions using a lecture on DVD from the Great Courses series followed by open discussion.  All men & women are welcome.  Please remember to bring:

a friend or two,

your favorite snacks,

your favorite beverages (alcohol or no alcohol). 

We will meet in the Vestry Room.

The class is open to all men & women. For more info, please contact Charles+ at

One Saturday of Each Month:

Art & Soul (in the Church AA Room in the Education Wing) - This is class that meets the SECOND SATURDAY of each month AT THE CHURCH  lead by the Rev. Claudia Giacoma.  During each class participants use the creative process to explore a spiritually important topic & to personally reflect upon its meaning in one's life.  No previous experience with art is necessary or expected. All are welcome.  For more info, please contact Claudia+ at

Autumn Gospel - a GROUP FOR WOMEN 50ish & UP:  THIRD SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 9:00 AM in a different home each time. This is a spiritual growth/book group. We are reading Joan Chittester's book, "The Gift of Years".  Please contact Ann, 435-640-8258, or email for further information. We always welcome new members.

An Experiment in Adult Online Ed: The Basics of Progressive Christianity

For anyone who would like to participate in a year-round

online discussion of the basics of progressive Christianity...

We are a community on the go and travel is big part of our lives.  But ongoing adult Christian education is also important, in fact, it is vital to our ongoing spiritual growth & development.

Sooooooo, to make it really easy for anyone to participate in a class on the basics of a progressive - liberal - modern approach to our ancient faith tradition, Fr. Charles has set up a simple blog where we can talk to each other online.  This will serve as the platform or classroom for our class beginning April 1st.  In addition, I will invite those who are in town to meet with me from time to time.

TO SIMPLY READ WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN ON THE BLOG, please type or cut & paste the following into the address line of your web browser, e.g., Apple Safari or Windows Explorer, etc:   (the basics of our faith class . blogspot . com - without any spaces). TO PARTICIPATE, YOU MUST SET UP A FREE GOOGLE.COM ACCOUNT & log in before writing a post for the class to read.

The blog site is nothing fancy, but it should do the job.  I have posted instructions concerning how the class will work.  Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

Notice that you can click on the "Subscribe" icon on the right hand side to receive an email notice whenever someone submits a note or "post" on the blog.  This way we can keep up with each other & the current conversation.

Use the little pencil icon to post a note of your own.

If you are not used to using a computer for educational purposes, please give it a try.  I have been doing it for years and it works pretty well.  It's not as much fun as sitting down for coffee with each other in person, but it is better than no conversation at all.  I think you will find that it helps you think and reflect……and that's the whole point.

Hope to hear from a whole bunch of you!  :)