We're Happy to Have You

Whether you are curious or seriously seeking a "church home,” you are very much welcome at St. Luke’s. The steps below help you know what to expect on Sundays and how to get your questions answered.

Steps to Visiting on Sunday

Choose a Worship Service
Worship is at 7:45 AM and 10:30 AM.  Our 7:45 AM service is a “said” (no music or singing) Rite II Holy Eucharist.  It take place in the original St. Luke’s building we call “the Chapel.”  The Chapel is located in downtown Park City (“Old Town”) at 525 Park Ave.  This service normally lasts about 50 minutes. There are no nursery, church school, or childcare services available during the 7:45 service.

The 10:30 worship service takes place in our newer facility (“the Church”) located approximately two miles from I-80 just off Hwy 224 behind the blue roof 7-11 store - 4595 N. Silver Spring Road.  It is a Rite II Choral Eucharist that lasts approximately 75 minutes. 

St. Luke’s Loves Children!

During the 10:30 worship service, Nursery Services are provided for your children ages four and younger.  For children ages 5 through the 6th grade, a religiously progressive and loving Church School Program is provided in the Education Wing during the first part of the worship service from 10:30 until the Passing of the Peace.  The children then join their parents for Holy Communion. 

Children are welcomed and encouraged to receive Communion at St. Luke’s because we want them to feel fully included and welcomed at God’s table.  However, if a parent does not want their child to receive Communion, any parent is free to ask the priest to say a blessing over their child rather than provide Communion elements for their child.  It’s the parent’s choice.

Arrive and Get Parked
Parking for the 7:45 service is anywhere along Park Ave. or on Main Street which parallels Park Ave.  There is not a parking lot at the Chapel.  You will be parking either in a residential neighborhood (if you park on Park Ave.) or on Main Street, (a commercial area).

There is a parking lot at the Church and, in case the lot is full when you arrive, you are free to park in the lot of the elementary school directly across the street from the Church.  There’s a parking space waiting for you at St. Luke’s.

Find a Place for Yourself and Your Kids
Greeters will welcome you and your family as you enter the worship space.  They will provide you with a copy of “The Weekly Bulletin,” a source of information about the classes and events being offered as well as interesting articles to read.  If you have children, a Greeter will be happy to show you where the nursery and/or Church School are located.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Celebrate Through Worship

Greeters will welcome you into the worship service.  At the 7:45 service, you will receive a copy of “The

Weekly Bulletin.”  Copies of the Book of Common Prayer used during the worship service are located in the

pew racks.

At the 10:30 service, you will be provided with a copy of “The Weekly Bulletin” and a worship booklet

containing all of the songs, hymns, prayers and text of the liturgy.  The worship booklet is all you will need

to follow and participate in the 10:30 service.  The music and hymns are a combination of old and new,

classical and contemporary.  Our goal is to create a joyful, inspirational, life-giving worship experience

for all.

Let Us Help You

If you would like to talk about a personal concern or something you heard in the service, please do not

hesitate to seek our a Greeter or a member of the clergy. These men and women have been trained to

listen and encourage, and they are eager to help.

Still Not Sure About Visiting?

We'd be happy to answer those questions that you still have.  Please call us at the church at 435-649-4900 or email Fr. Charles, our Senior Pastor (Rector), at pastor@stlukespc.org

Are You New to Our Community

and St. Luke’s?