The Vision & Values

of Our Parish Community


Our Values

The source of our values is the character of God expressed in the love and compassion of Jesus of Nazareth.  In response to the limitless love and unconditional acceptance of God, we attempt to live into the following “Core Values:”


This means that we are intentional about reaching out to and welcoming our guests.  If you visit St. Luke’s, we will do our best to help you to feel welcome and wanted.  We will be happy to greet you as you enter the church, answer your questions, and help you find what you need.

Intentional Hospitality also goes beyond welcoming those who visit on a Sunday morning.  It includes a vision of inclusivity and a commitment to compromise with, respectfully listen to, and work out the challenges of living, worshipping, and working beside those who are different from ourselves.  The people of St. Luke’s acknowledge that our differences are sacred gifts from which we learn and through which we grow. 


We understand spirituality to be an adventure, not a place in which to hide.  We understand this adventure to include curiosity and a hunger for new learning.  We find God in the questions, the search, and in the journey into dialogue and pluralism.  Because all truth is God’s truth, we read and study literature, not only from the Christian tradition, but also from Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, and atheistic authors as well.



We honor the intrinsic value of every life.  We are seeking to build a Christian community known for its ability to welcome and celebrate diversity in all its forms.  Seeing ourselves as agents of reconciliation, we acknowledge that our God calls us to actively and energetically resist all forms of evil, discrimination, divisiveness, prejudice, violence and abuse of power.

Our Vision

The people of St. Luke’s work hard.  We choose to labor hand-in-hand because we understand our mission to be that of cooperating with the Spirit of God to create a parish community in which the values of the Kingdom of God are evident.  These values include: love, compassion, mercy, honesty, authenticity, justice, equality, nonviolence, forgiveness, creativity, and mutual respect.

Our mission is not to convert people to Christianity, but to give our hearts and lives to collaborate with God as God challenges injustice, cruelty, and indifference in us and in the world.  We, therefore, created the following statement describing our mission:

“Our mission is to restore all people to

unity with God & each other in Christ.”

We welcome you to join us - join us in worship; join us in prayer; join us in friendship; join us in the sacred work we have been given to do. 


St. Luke’s Principles of Community
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