Getting Married at St. Luke’s


Is St. Luke’s the place where you would like to be married?  Every year, couples come from all over the world to be married in beautiful Park City.  Some of those weddings take place at one of St. Luke’s two locations: the Chapel in “Old Town” Park City (seats a max. of 45 & does not have a parking lot) and the Church located between Kimball Junction and downtown Park City (seats a max. of 300 and has a parking lot).

To decide if St. Luke’s is right for you on your very special day, please follow these steps:

  1. 1.Come visit us.  Make an appointment through the Church Office  to tour one or both of our facilities - 435-649-4900 Ext. 12.

  2. 2.Speak with our Parish Administrator, Beckie Raemer at 435-649-4900 Ext. 12 about dates the building you want to use is available.

  3. 3.Carefully read the St. Luke’s Building Use Policy.  CLICK HERE to obtain a PDF file copy of the policy.

  4. 4.Please notice that the clergy of St. Luke’s are not available to perform weddings for anyone who does not regularly attend worship at St. Luke’s.  If you want to be married at St. Luke’s and you are not a member, Beckie will give you the name of one or more local clergy in Park City who may be available to help you or you may use your own. 

  5. 5.You cannot have your wedding at St. Luke’s unless a St. Luke’s Wedding Facilitator is available on the dates you would want for your rehearsal and wedding.  A St. Luke’s Wedding Facilitator must be in attendance whenever the building is being used and has authority to determine the appropriateness and acceptability of any and all decorations and arrangements.

  6. 6.You will have to pay a building use fee, a security fee, and a janitorial fee.  All fees are explained in the St. Luke’s Building Use Policy.  For non-members, the building use fee for the Chapel in Old Town is $500 and for the Church it is $700.

  7. 7.Any couple being married by a St. Luke’s clergy person must be willing to participate in a series of pre-marital counseling sessions as well as submit documentation of any and all divorce decrees to our Bishop.  Pre-marital counseling should begin 6 months before the wedding.  Any documents to be submitted to our Bishop should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the day of the wedding.

  8. 8.To arrange for pre-marital counseling with Fr. Charles, please call him at 435-649-4900 Ext. 11.

Again, please read the St. Luke’s Building Use Policy carefully as you attempt to make your decision.  We wish you all the best and may your wedding day be the most joyful, exciting and fun day of your whole life.

Is St. Luke’s the Right Place for Your Wedding?