Go Green



Environmental stewardship and the commitment to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, continues to serve a primary role at the Episcopal Church Center of Utah and Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center.

Eco-friendly design and construction makes the Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center an environmentally-sustainable host for conferences, meetings and individual guests.

To save energy, the windows are set three feet into the walls so the high summer sun is angled from overheating the building, however, the lower winter sun will shine directly into the building to aid in heating the interior. The building also utilizes farm-grown woods from sustainable crops mixed with synthetics, and part of the roof is covered with green plants to reduce the amount of building heat. The Cathedral Commons features crushed granite walkways that allow rain and snow to soak through to the ground. Outdoor light fixtures direct the light to pathways and do not contribute to urban light pollution. Landscaping utilizes low water and is designed with drought tolerant plants and drip irrigation. Water from below the ground circulates through the building to help cool or heat the building naturally, and all water returns to the aquifer with no loss to the water table.

Many more eco-friendly features have been used in the design and construction, including high R-value roof insulation, an insulated foundation, low flow water saving toilets, faucets, and shower heads, light-colored roofing to reduce heat, and recyclable carpet tiles. From the walk paths leading to the building, exterior design and interior products, every opportunity has been taken to design an eco-friendly building. Our staff values this beautiful gift that the Episcopal Church has created to share with Episcopal, other faith groups and the nonprofit community. To continue in the spirit of this green vocation and to minimize waste with guest services, our ongoing eco efforts include the following:

Water Conservation
Use of 100% biodegradable cups and napkins, choosing water coolers as the eco-friendly choice over plastic water bottles; all faucets, toilets, and shower heads are flow-restricted; and we offer a re-usable linen program available in guest rooms.

Our recycling program includes paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, batteries and fluorescent lighting. We also use bio-degradable trash can liners.

Energy Conservation
When common areas, meeting space, and guest rooms are not utilized, lights are turned off and heating and air conditioning is tightly monitored. Window shades are also drawn in guest rooms to assist in maintaining temperature levels.