“Everything was beautiful! What a gorgeous and very functional space. The Meeting facilities were really superb; we used the Wasatch room and the projector and screen. We enjoyed the spacious room, the large windows and the movable furniture…”
Karen McCreary, Executive Director, ACLU of Utah

“What a beautiful stay we enjoyed at your facilities. I am deeply grateful to you and your staff for the special rates and attention to your needs so “above and beyond” the call. There is a special energy to that place and we truly felt welcomed.”
-Mali Leach, Group Presenter and Hospitality Guest

“It was a very successful ‘spiritual wellness’ offsite for our staff.”
-Patricia Kuralt, Hill Air Force Base

“Your staff provided for our every need, and the space is so conducive to balancing work, play and rest.”
-Dr. Gregory Straub Executive Officer of General

“Your facility helped provide the setting for what has been the most moving week of my spiritual life! Our Methodist group had everything we needed, and the staff was friendly and so helpful. I can’t wait to tell everyone in my church as well as community about this place. If that wasn’t enough, it is located in an area to fulfill any other needs (i.e. LDS Temple, Square, shopping and dining). Thank you for making this possible!”
-Michael Rawlings, United Methodist Church, Coarsegold, CA

“The conference center is a lovely, welcoming place for conversation, planning and quiet reflection.”
-Anne Burkholder, CEO, YWCA

”We had a wonderful retreat!! All the board members loved your building and many said they would be contacting the staff for their next event. The breakfast, lunch and service were delicious.”
-Halima Hussein, Planned Parenthood of Salt Lake

“I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the Conference Center! We have held several YWCA planning meetings in the Center over the last year with great success! It is such a beautiful and well-designed space. Thank you for your leadership in building such a wonderful Center for the community.”
-Carrie Romano, Campaign and Special Projects Manager, YWCA of Salt Lake City

“Dear Staff, I write from the Conference of Diocesan Executives/Transition Ministries in Minneapolis. I want you all to know that I can hardly move around here without someone spying “Utah” on my badge and telling me how fabulous their meeting was at the ECCU. They specifically extol the helpfulness of staff, and mention how good the food and cleanliness was. They can’t wait to meet in Salt Lake again!”
-Mary June Nestler, Executive Officer, Episcopal Diocese of Utah

“The value of this new and very beautiful facility is unmatched. If you want to stay in a place that feels like home, has the amenities of home (laundry, kitchen, Internet), is right in the middle of everything you want to do/see, and feels incredibly safe, the ECCU is for you. Don’t pay the big price of a hotel, stay where you are welcomed by everyone.”
-Karla, Rita, Regina, Shirley and Debbie, UMCOR Volunteers, NE, SD, IA